Creative Partnership Projects
The success of Zap's Creative Partnerships projects in Slough, Tendring and Hastings has led to significant interest from Creative Partnership areas in working with Zap to deliver outdoor performance projects.

Zap has worked with Norwich and Tendring on creating an international platform for work through an Interreg 4 bid, with a view to commissioning a French company to work with schools in Norwich and provide an opportunity for a UK company to work in Holland.  The international dimension of the work inspired Southampton Creative Partnership to ask Zap to develop similar work in the city. 

Zap have worked  with Hastings CP to build on the relationships established with PECA through the South East Virtual Creation Centre to enable a further transnational project, which is also gaining interest from CP areas in Kent. 

Creative Partnerships, Hastings, 2006
WILDWORKS artists worked with teachers, schools and local artists to develop puppetry, visual art installations, and performance pieces as part of their performance of Souterrain. This project was part of a Hastings Borough Council professional development initiative to build local capacity and skills amongst artists wishing to further their opportunities for work in schools.

‘It revealed an unexpected side of myself' workshop participant, Hastings Coastal Currents

Creative Partnerships, Tendring, 2006
Zap Art collaborated with artists working with schools and community groups to develop Carnival arts skills for a Carnival Procession on the Big Day Out on Clacton Pier, June 2006. A samba Mas camp, featuring samba percussion, costume making, dance and movement workshops was held over the Easter break.

Creative Partnerships, Slough 2003 & 2004
A series of street arts workshops in 11 schools over 2 years leading to performances as part of the Arts Alive street arts festival. 

A wide ranging series of activities and performances including: 
  • trapeze and circus theatre
  • dance and puppetry based on Javanese horse dancing and shadow puppetry
  • percussion, costume and movement based on Cuban rhythms and Orishan deities
  • street dance, body percussion and song
  • costume making and mime based on classic paintings such as Munch's The Scream, Van Gogh's Sunflowers and Matisse's Blue Nude 3 and Magritte's Le Chef d'oeuvre
‘The children have become more enthusiastic about taking part in different activities' and it was interesting for my own professional development to take part”
Junior School Teacher participating in Slough Arts Alive 2004

Big Fest, 2003 - 2005
Development of a programme of culturally diverse workshops to engage local communities: schools, artists, community groups, event audiences
  • In schools, activities ranging from Indian percussion to Carnival arts
  • In a local college mask making and performance workshops with Performing Arts Students
  • In youth groups, Beatbox and positive rhythm assisted poetry
  • In over 60s groups, reminiscence and memory sessions incorporated into performances
  • On the street, carnival hats, thai fruit carving, henna painting, rangoli, dhol drumming, pavement art, clay figures and much more