ZEPA – Zone Europeenne de Projets Artistiques (previously known as PECA), is an international  partnership network of arts organisations and creation centres for the development of  street arts festivals supported by the European Union's interreg IVa  programme in France and the UK.

ZEPA Interreg

The Partner Organisations include:
L'Atelier 231 – Centre national des Arts de la Rue/ Sotteville-les-Rouen
Le Hangar -  Fabrique des Arts de la Rue/Amiens
Culture Commune – Scene nationale du basin Minier du Pas-de-Calais/ Loos –en-Gohelle
Le Forneau – Centre national des Arts de la Rue/Brest
Zap Art – Brighton
Brighton Festival – Brighton
Hat Fair Festival – Winchester
Southampton City Council – Southampton
Seachange Arts – Great Yarmouth

The key aim of this partnership is to promote the professional development of street arts in our respective countries, in order to foster the emergence of new developmental dynamics which cross over cultural, social and economic agendas. Our objectives are: the creation of a transnational ‘space' for communities, artists  and professionals; access to culture for all;   encounters and exchanges between artists and the public;   work within disadvantaged communities; social, economic & cultural  development; the creation and presentation of high quality artistic projects; transnational exchanges and the sharing  of good working practices.

ZEPA aims to present a coherent programme of projects which are open and accessible to all : communities, arts and cultural organisations, schools, universities and other educational institutions, social groups, artists, companies, street arts industry professionals, visitors and tourists...

ZEPA allows each of the different partner organisations the opportunity to extend their area of creative and cultural work through the creation and presentation of high quality projects of international calibre. It supports the work of Creation Centres and festivals through the sharing of resources and mutual exchanges of good working practices.

Zap Art is currently involved in a wide range of activities within the ZEPA project

Zap Art ‘s ZEPA Projects 2008-

Cornish Project
Zap Art is training and mentoring a partnership of local arts organisations which include Halls for Cornwall, Rio, Carn to Cove, Wildworks, The Works, Cornwall's European Region of Culture Organisation, and is led by Cornwall Council with a view to developing an interreg bid.

Working with Halls for Cornwall and other Truro partners as one of Zap arts 2nd tier partners, Zap is developing a high profile, accessible artistic project for September 2010. This  ground breaking event will involve working with the community, local artists and be the pilot/advocacy tool for the development of outdoor performance in Cornwall.
Grand Theatre of Lemmings/Manningtree Essex
Zap Art has been working with the Grand Theatre of Lemmings since the beginning of 2008 on a ZEPA training/development project. Phase 1 was to help develop the company to be able to work within a European partnership and develop transnational artistic projects. We are now entering phase 2 of this project. The Grand Theatre of Lemmings have been developing an outdoor festival in Maningtree over the last few years that works with young people and the local community . Zap Art will continue to mentor the company and help develop and deliver a programme of ZEPA artists and look at developing a legacy for the event.

Phase 1 of Zap Art's work in 2008-2009 was to look at the suitability of a ZEPA project in Newhaven and develop a partnership to be a 2nd tier partner location.

There is now a partnership in place made up of- Newhaven Town Council, Lewes District Council, East Sussex County Council, Newhaven Strategic Network ,supported by the Newhaven Port Authority.Zap art will work with this partnership to deliver one of its ZEPA projects.

'Midsummer Dreams' – Southampton
Zap Art played a mentoring role to help train and develop the skills of key Nuffield Theatre staff in managing large scale outdoor productions for the presentation of ‘Midsummer Dreams – Mobile Homme by Transe Expresse ' in June 2009.

Great Yarmouth's Out There! Festival (First Year)
As part of the ZEPA project, Zap Art played a mentoring role to help train and develop the skills of key Seachange staff in managing a large scale, international street arts festival in October 2008.