ZapArt is delighted to announce it has been awarded funding from People's PostcodeTrust (20,000) and BBC Children in Need (10,000) towards the Hidden Voicesproject. This grant funding will help make a difference to thelives of disadvantaged children and young people across East and West Sussex.


HiddenVoices is an exciting new collaboration with Zap Art & Sussex Prisoners'Families (SPF) to raise awareness of the 'hidden sentence' faced by one ofsociety's most invisible groups - prisoners' families (partners, carers,parents and particularly young people and children).


Fundingwill support an exciting programme of expressive arts workshops, professionaltraining and a public showcase as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival (13 May2017) to promote youth voice and highlight the impact of family imprisonmentupon wellbeing, relationships and life chances. A digital storytelling projectdelivered by the University of Brighton and Digitales will also include skillsdevelopment and peer mentoring opportunities for young people experiencinghomelessness from the Salvation Army Housing Association Foyer in Newhaven.


The Hidden Voicesproject is produced by Zap Art in partnership with Sussex Prisoners' Families,University of Brighton, Digitales, supported by players of People's Postcode Lottery and BBC Children inNeed.


A ctivities:

Hidden Voices - Express Yourself!

Join Sussex Prisoners' Families & Zap Art for anaction-packed, fun-filled programme of expressive arts and creative activitiesfor all ages. Have a go at digital animation, rap music, DJing, circus skills,puppet making, arts and crafts and more.

These drop-in events are FREE to attend and open to families,children and young people with family members or loved-ones in prison or thecriminal justice system. Bring along your friends or neighbours. Refreshmentsand support with travel costs will be provided

Hidden Voices - Digital Storytelling Workshops (spaces limited)


We are also inviting children and young people(5-18) to sign up to take part in an intensive 3-day digital storytellingworkshop at the University of Brighton. Create your own 2 minute films, tell your own stories using still andmoving images and voice-over sound tracks. The workshops will take place at theUniversity of Brighton on:


Friday 17th,Saturday 18th (9am-5pm) and Sunday 19th February(10am-5pm)



To find out more about our project or register for the workshopsplease contact:


voices@sussexprisonersfamilies.org.uk / Facebook: facebook.com/sussexprisonersfamilies /  www.sussexprisonersfamilies.org.uk




Approx.200,000 children in England & Wales had a parent in prison in 2009.

Over2,000 children in Sussex have a parent in prison each year.

Childrenwith parents in prison are 2-3 times more likely to experience mental healthissues or engage in anti-social behaviour.

2out of 3 boys with dads in prison go on to offend themselves.

Prisoners'families are vulnerable to financial instability, poverty, debt or housingdisruption.


Project Partners:


ZapArt is acreative arts charity, internationally renowned for introducing high quality,powerful arts experiences to new audiences, with a particular focus on engagingpeople in areas of deprivation, working with disadvantaged or marginalisedgroups. Zap designs creative programmes and cultural events that involvecommunities, and through working in partnership with social organisations itseeks to support people to transform their personal situations or tackle socialissues.



Sussex Prisoners' Families(SPF)


SPF is a community interest company, established in2013, which supports local families in Brighton, West Sussex and East Sussex to cope emotionally and practically with the imprisonment of a loved-one.   SPF offers support and advice tofamilies (partners, carers, parents, young people andchildren) as well as training and awareness-raising forprofessionals so that they can better meet families' needs.  SPF'sfirst strand of work is supporting defendant families in court, but they arecurrently developing community based support groups including youth voiceactivity. 



  OtherCollaborators/Delivery Partners:


University of Brighton – School ofHumanities


Academicresearch partner and lead facilitator for digital story telling workshops.

TheCollege of Arts and Humanities promotes scholarly activity across itsdisciplines including community outreach in arts and entertainments, itsresearch in practice disciplines has an international reputation, withinnovative work in story-telling, media, digital and visual communications. Ithas evolved from the Brighton School of Art founded in 1859, and continues todevelop its remit for the enhancement of lives through the arts and humanities,providing a framework for the support and reward of good practice in civicengagement and social responsibility. 





DigiTales is a not-for-profit research and participatory media company hosted by the Department of Media and Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Digital storytelling is at the heart of how they work with individuals, groups and organisations. Digitales provide collaborative workshops which enable people to find, tell and share their stories in a digital environment.

Digitales  have worked with partners from across Europe and beyond, using digital storytelling as a means to develop creative skills and talents and build confidence of people whose voices might otherwise not be heard.    They also use digital storytelling as a co-creative action research method. Digitales are part of a growing network of almost 600 digital storytelling practitioners, projects and organisations across the globe.


Our Funders:

  People's Postcode Trust


People's Postcode Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely byplayers of People's Postcode Lottery. Zap Art received 20,000 from People'sPostcode Trust towards the Hidden Voices project.


To find out more about the trust or to apply for funding please clickthis link:



To find out how to play the People's Postcode lottery, and thus supportmore charities, please click this link: www.postcodelottery.co.uk


BBC Children In Need


BBC Children in Need awards grants each year toorganisations supporting disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. Zap Artwas awarded 10,000 over 1 year from BBC Children in Need towards the HiddenVoices project.


BBCChildren in Need funding relies on the energy and commitment of thousands offundraisers and supporters across the UK who donate their time and money tosupport the Appeal.  Whether it's cakesales, wearing pyjamas to school or having a song and dance, every penny of themoney raised goes towards supporting projects across the UK.


All grants go to projects working with children and young peopleliving in the UK who may be affected by homelessness, neglect, abuse orpoverty, or those who have faced challenges in their lives such as seriousillness, disabilities and psychological disorders.

BBC Children in Need is a charity registered in England and Wales(802052) and Scotland (SC039557) whose aim is to make a positive change to thelives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK.

BBC Children in Need's vision is that every child in the UK has asafe, happy and secure childhood and the chance to reach their potential.

BBC Children in Need are currently supporting c.2,600 projects thatare working with children and young people facing a range of disadvantages orchallenges in their lives such as, poverty and deprivation; abuse or neglect orany kind of disability.

To find out more about BBC Children in Need, please click this link:




Zap Art is proud to announce that we have funding for a new arts / heritage project and play, The Tribunal, exploring the story of Conscientious Objector, Clifford Allen, and Catherine Marshall, a leading Suffragist and activist in the CO movement. 

THE TRIBUNAL (by Sara Clifford)
1916 - At a time of war and political uncertainty, Conscientious Objectors were alternately praised and vilified, by the public and army alike.When Catherine Marshall goes to visit her fellow activist - and lover - Clifford Allen in military prison in Newhaven Fort, he is recovering from TB and a bread and water diet in solitary confinement - and yet he insists on refusing to fight, all over again, a decision that could send him straight back to gaol, and to an early grave. Desperate, Catherine tries to find a way to save him, whilst still holding on to their political absolutism.

In a play full of modern resonances, the story asks when, if ever, is it right to compromise one's ideals?

Performed at Charleston House and Gardens (Firle), Seaford Library, Newhaven Fort, Blind Veterans UK (Ovingdean) and The Marlborough Theatre (Brighton).

(Co production with InSite, funded by Arts Council England, Newhaven Town Council, Seaford Town Council and East Sussex Arts partnership)

2015 - 2016

WHITE FEATHERS  (working title)

Conceived by VeronicaStephens

Written by Sara Clifford

Following on from the great successes of 'HomeFires' Zap Art has secured Arts Council R&D and ESAP funding to research the secondpart of a WW1 trilogy .

  The story will focus on the town of Seaford and the Seaford training camp, where 20,000 soldiers were billeted at any one time before beingshipped out to the Front.

We will also be telling the story of the groupof Conscientious Objectors who were held at the camp, and the members of theBloomsbury Group, who were also COs, living at nearby Charleston Farmhouse.


This will link with the national commemorationsaround the introduction of Conscription in 1916, when many were forced to goand fight, leading to the terrible casualties of the Sommeand other battles.


Inspired by locally researched stories, White Feathers will be a high quality, large scale, site responsivepromenade show, performed in two locations: Seaford Seafront (adjacent to the original site of Seaford camp) andCharleston Farmhouse and Gardens.

  Theproduction is planned for July 2016 and will be produced in collaboration with creative producer, Veronica Stephens and writer, Sara Clifford's new company, InSite, together with Inroads and Zap Art.


    ‘Stanmer Voices : Threadsthat Weave and Fray'

  A new site specific sound Installationby sound artist, Thor McIntyre-Burnie and oral history research project by ZapArt & Inroads Productions.

  Sunday 25th October2015  11am-4pm

Stanmer Village Churchyard

  The very manyvoices that make up this unique park and village will come togetherinterweaving and dissecting an idea of what our public space is for...Treeswith roots that reach deep into this rich site will for a brief interlude offerthe voices of those who tread, rest upon and toil its soil.

  ZapArt is delighted to have been awarded a grant of 10,000 from the Big Lottery,Awards for All scheme to work with Inroads Productions on an exciting new oralhistory and research project called 'Stanmer Voices'.

  The Stanmer estate is an extraordinary patchwork of aGeorgian house, now run as a luxury venue and restaurant; a village, with manypeople who have lived there for over 50 years; a collection of eco-gardens andbusinesses, such as Stanmer Organics, a community garden and the Earthship; acommunity of travellers; and the University, occupying a large space in thecorner. Many individuals use the park – local people come to walk their dogsand to play games, to hold children's parties and enjoy this beautiful spot.

  This exciting new installation by sound artist, ThorMcIntyre-Burnie, will bring together interviews collected with all thedifferent communities and local people who live and work in and around Stanmerand neighbouring East Brighton areas, hearing their stories and exploring theirrelationship with Stanmer past and present, and aspirations for the future.

  The installation will be in place in the churchyard for oneday only, then handed over to the Stanmer Preservation Society for exhibitionindoors at future Stanmer events…so don't miss it!

  Get in touch if you have any Stanmer stories you'd like toshare and add to our archive:  





Home Fires : A haunting story of love and loss during the Great War

NEWHAVEN FORT BOX OFFICE TEL 01273 517622 OR EMAIL info@newhavenfort.org.uk

Newhaven Fort, 18-21 March 8pm :Doors 7.15pm

A brand new play by Sara Clifford.

Newhaven,September 1914. When Clara's husband Joe is called away to serve,they both believe he will be back in time for Christmas. But things are no longer as they were, and society is changing – there's a strike in the soldiers' training camp in Seaford, and in France,inexplicably, the British army seems to be losing. By November, asthe generals frantically call up volunteers to send to the front,Clara clings to the old ways, even as everything is crumbling aroundher… Basedon local people's family stories of the Great War, this new siteresponsive promenade play, draws on text, sound and visualprojections, to create a haunting story of love and loss.

Co-produced by VeronicaStephens for Zap Art and Sara Clifford for Inroads Productions

Director: TerryO'Donovan. Assistant Director: Deirdre Daly

MusicalDirector: Pat Power. Assistant Musical Director: Adey Peterkin

Set & CostumeDesigner: Gem Greaves. Video projection artists: Shared Space &Light Sound Designer: Thor McIntyre Burnie: Lighting Designer: RogerSmissen. 

With Special Thanks toall the community dancers, singers, musicians and volunteers!

Home Fires is supportedusing public funding by the National Lottery through Arts CouncilEngland and the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and grant funding fromThe Armed Forces Community Covenant Scheme, South Downs National ParkAuthority Sustainable Communities Fund, East Sussex Arts Partnership,Newhaven Town Council and Seaford Town Council.


Home:  a ground breaking international project produced in collaboration with Wildworks.

In April 2014 Zap Art was awarded 15,000 R&D funding through Arts Council England's Grants For The Arts scheme.

Home'will be an international journey of artistic exploration in at least6 locations on 6 continents (2015-2019).

Inthis project we are trying to understand what ‘home' means topeople from very different cultures across the world. To meet andlisten to people who have very different ideas of home from our own.

Lastyear we were told powerful stories of belonging by naturalstorytellers in the Favela's of Rio, in the shanties of Soweto andthe slums of Mumbai. A year ago Wildworks spent time in Nablus, WestBank, listening to the stories people told them about their city. Wewould also like to talk to the aboriginal people of Western Australiaand homeless people in the UK to fully explore our theme.

Inall the places we visit we begin by asking the same question. ‘Whatdoes this place mean to you?'


Our Dancing Feet:  true and not so true tales from the dance floor, Winter Garden, Eastbourne 22-23 March 2014

A hot, night out in June, just before the Coronation in 1953; Joanie, Babs and Vi dance the night away.  In 2014, Joan looks back on that night, remember the dancing days of her youth.   

A site specific, theatrical spectacle celebrating the history of the Winter Garden ballrooms in Eastbourne; the music, fashions and social mores and etiquette of partner dancing in the 1950s.   

' Moving, thoughtful & beautifully executed.  A waltz through social history.' (Audience Member)

The performance was developed working with local people in Brighton and Eastbourne.  An extensive schools and community programme brought young and older people together to share stories in a range of talks, exhibitions, tea dances, creative art, drama, writing and dance workshops.


Our Dancing Feet, Oceana Nightclub, Brighton, 16-17 November 2013

Our Dancing Feet is inspired by local people's memories and stories of the dance halls of their youth.  The shows included film projections, stunning dance sequences and fabulous flocks; and the big band, swing music sounds of the era.

'The dresses & dancing were divine & the sound & projections magical ' (Donna close, Arts & Cultural Projects Manager, Brighton & Hove City Council)

Written and conceived by Sara Clifford (A Thousand Days, The Port, The Beast and The Traveller) and directed by Terry O'Donovan ( Dante or Die, TOOT ).  Performed by the Ragroof Players, choreographed by Dorothy Max Prior and designed by Lucy Bradridge (Spymonkey, Company FZ).  Projections by Shared Space and Light; sound installation by Thor McIntyre-Burnie.  Co-produced by Veronica Stephens, Zap Art and Sara Clifford, Inroads Productions.

OurDancing Feet is a co-production by Zap Art & Inroads Productionsand is supported by: the National Lottery through the HeritageLottery Fund; Arts Council England and th eBig Lottery Fund. Supported by Brighton & Hove City Councilthrough an Arts Partnership Award; East Sussex County Council and TheWinter Garden, Eastbourne.


Like a Fish Out of Water by English National Ballet, Uxbridge Lideo and the Hampton Pool, 5-14 July 2012

A multi-sensory experience using site-specific performance and handheld technology to take audiences on a magical journey around two of London's beautiful lidos.  The performance explores the fantasies and inner life of an elderly woman who has swum in the lido since childhood and is like a fish out of water when on land.

Presented with Mayor of London and London 2012 Festival www.molpresents.com/secrets

Presented by English National Ballet, conceived & created by seven sisters group and produced by Zap Art.

The Port, The Beast & The Traveller, Newhaven Fort, 22nd September 2012

Inspired by the Dieppe Raid of 1942, The Port, the Beast & the Traveller, draws on real stories and memories of local people, to tell the tale of a soldier lost for 70 years, finally returning home.  Hi wife is still waiting - apparently old on the outside, but forever young, she has been keeping watch for him.  But, will he return in time before she slides into forgetfulness forever?

Directed by Claire Raftery (Periplum), written by Sara Clifford (A Thousand Days) and performed by local artists, dancers, actors, musicians and the local community following an extensive programme of educational and training workshops across the region.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund & Arts Council England.  Co-produced by Zap Art and inroads productions.

Showtime, Central London

Zap Art was one of the 5 Creative Producers (Central London area) for Showtime, the Mayor London's and London 2012 Cultural Olympiad outdoor arts festival.  http://www.london.gov.uk/priorities/arts-culture/culture-2012


The Art of Suburbia - Sutton, Autumn 2011 & Summer 2012

Developing a cultural programme of activity linking to London 2012.

Newhaven Cormorant - Generik Vapeur, Newhaven Harbour, 16 July 2011

World Premiere performance commissioned by Zap Art and ZEPA.

Guardian Review

Guardian Editorial

Spectacular and anarchic street theatre by the celebrated Generik Vapeur, featuring daredevil aerial feats, fireworks, live music; fire boats, floating sculptures, choirs, performers and a breathtaking finale in the waters of Newhaven Harbour.

The company worked with local artists, community groups and educational organisations as part of the project.

Funded by the European Union as part of INTERREG IV, Arts Council England, East Sussex, Lewes District Council, Newhaven Town Council.  With support from Newhaven Strategic Network, Newhaven Fort, Newhaven Port Authority and the ferry company LD Lines.

Fringe City, Brighton - 7, 21 & 28 May 2011

A programme of street theatre featuring dance, acrobatics, aerial, slapstick humour and walkabout performances, including the Fringe City Launch.

Editorial Preview

La Photo Communale II - Generik Vapeur , Newhaven 12 March 2011

A larger than life mobile camera roved around the streets of Newhaven, immortalising the character of the town and the many faces of it's people through a giant photographic lens.  The pictures taken were subsequently presented as a backdrop to the Newhaven Cormorant.   

Funded by the European Union as part of INTERREG IV, Arts Council England, East Sussex, Lewes District Council, Newhaven Town Council.  With support from Newhaven Strategic Network, Newhaven Fort, Newhaven Port Authority and the ferry company LD Lines.

ZEPA Review


Sky Garden - Transe Express , Lemon Quay, Truro, 18 September 2010

A mentoring programme with Hall for Cornwall to produce a spectacular aerial performance with live music and acrobatics by the internationally acclaimed Transe Express and build capacity and sustainability for future events.

The Art of Suburbia, Sutton, September 2010

A mixed programme of street arts performances with a spectacular launch of 'Mobile Homme' by Transe Express.


Manningtree International Festival of Street Theatre, 4 September 2010

Mentoring programme (March - September) with The Grand Theatre of Lemmings, to develop a street arts programme with international capability.

Further info


Midsummer Dreams - 'Mobile Homme' by Transe Express, Southampton, 28 June 2009

A large scale, international spectacular to launch the development of the new Cultural Quarter in Southampton, with a firework finale.  Mentoring programme for key stakeholders to build skills and capacity for future events.


Out There! - Great Yarmouth, September 2008

Programming and producing a new street arts festival in partnership with Seachange Arts.  Developing strategic partnerships, planning and mentoring for longer term sustainability.

Previous Events

1995 - 2007:  Streets of Brighton:  major international street arts festival and showcase event

1996 - 2007:  National Street Arts Meeting:  annual sector conference

1995 - 2005:  Slough Arts Alive!, development and delivery of a one day street arts festival with community groups and schools, including Creative Partnerships.

1997 - 2005:  The National Street Arts Festival:  following a major Lottery award, the creation of six regional street arts festival

2002 - 2005:  Hillingdon Big Fest:  development and delivery of a one day street arts festival and carnival, working with local schools and community groups.

1997 - 2003:  Tunbridge Wells Winter Street Festival, a four day, international street arts festival in the heart of Winter.

1997 - 2002:  Streets of London: street arts events across London including in Canary Wharf, Covent Garden, Finsbury Park, Greenwich & Docklands, Ilford, Islington, Kingston, Lee Valley & Three Mills Island Studios, Lewisham, Waltham Forest and Sutton.

1991 & 2001:  Japanese Matsuri Festival - Hyde Park: major cultural celebration as part of the Japan Festival

2000 BBC Music Live, Brighton: seafront event featuring 2 music stages and street art performances

2000:  Tranches d'Europe Express, 8th European Music Festival: Rouen, France.  Music based event.

1999/2000:  Brighton & Hove New Years Eve Celebrations

1997:  Centre Parcs UK 10th Anniversary Celebration: a weekend of celebratory events culminating with a concert and water spectacle.