Transe Express Finale

Transe Express - World Preview
The Lazy Kings

One of the highlights of this year's Streets of Brighton is the world preview of The Lazy Kings by one of France's leading street art companies, Transe Express.

An open-air extravaganza of aerial acrobatics and carnivalesque invention, this festive fantasia is based on a traditional French fairy story of nomadic kings, debonair charlatans and inspired jokers.

Six indolent monarchs - each attempting to fulfill their own personal quest - are borne along on extraordinary chariots as three separate processions wind their way through the city, converging in the shade of a 20-metre high mechanical coconut tree (the perfect refuge to indulge such slothful noblesse), a fabulous finale unfolds. The branches reach out to the kings, lifting them up high above the ground for a spectacular display of trapeze, corde lisse and sky-high derring do!

Sat 8 May,9.30pm
Which of the 6 Kings will you follow?

Start Points:

Bates Road for The Parade from the South:
Mortibus Orgiac, the King who lives his own funeral, reclining in an opulent hearse drawn by two mechanical zebras surrounded by wailing lamenters and giant skeletons, or Hiero Nemo the King who lives in a giant clam shell escorted by jellyfish and a giant mechanical fish in a tank.

Knoyle Road for the Parade from the North
The Witch on Wheels rides on a mythical creature with the back of a fish, the paws of an insect and the tail of a scorpion a top two giant wheels turned by two half man, half rat beings.  And Olanor Ragnafur seated on a deluxe iceberg rested in an enormous silver hand pulled along by a rhythmical herd of 'strongmen'.

Argyle Road for the Parade from the East:
Stabilof Padock sits on a Voltaire armchair watching his intrepid offspring trampolining on a giant bed propelled by two unicyclists and Naz 3rd By Name who reclines on the Royal hay stack in the shade of a prune tree.  A vapour machine distils Génépis, the Royal beverage, whilst his entourage of bell ringers and moo box manipulators help his search for a bride.

Public Information:
There is NO parking available.
Please make use of public transport. An enhanced bus service will be available to and from the event. Preston Park Station will be closed.

Disabled Parking:
Access via London Rd.  Either at the north west entrance of the park, or in the forecourt of Drake House, 177 London Rd.  These areas will be patrolled by stewards between the hours of 2100 & 0000.

This is a glass free event. Please support our Recycling initiative by using the appropriate bins throughout the park.

All children should be accompanied by an adult and we recommend that audience members wear suitable clothing for an outdoor event.

The Lazy Kings will be the first major project of 'The Polycentre for Artistic Creation' - a European partnership including Sotteville-lès-Rouen, Amiens, Loos-en-Gohelle, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells and Hastings - which focuses on cultural exchanges, training opportunities and the development of street arts and community based work in the context of a 'Virtual' Creation Centre.  The programme will build towards the establishment of a permanent Creation Centre in the South East, based on the French model, in approximately 2006.