Virtual Creation Centre
Virtual Creation Centre projects to date:


Hastings Coastal Currents, September 2006.


Streets of Brighton, May 2006.

Groupe F (VCC)

Streets of Brighton, May 2004.

Allegro Barbaro (VCC)

Hastings, September 2005.

Professional Development Seminar

Hastings, September 2005.

The Circus Street Virtual Creation Centre

Streets of Brighton. April/May 2005.

Desperate Men, commission of 'The Big House' alongside 'The Miracle Show'.

The World Famous, commission of 'Crackers?'

3 Monkey Productions, commission of 'The Shop'.

Cercle de la Litote (France) and Ragroof (UK),international collaboration/exchange.

Creation Centre Conference

Hastings, September 2004.

The Transe Express VCC

Streets of Brighton, May 2004.

The National Street Arts Meeting

Brighton, May 2003, 2004 and 2005.

'Do It' Programme and the EEAVCC

Hastings, Summer 2003 and2004.

Professional Development Initative

Tunbridge Wells, 2002 and 2003

The Virtual Creation Centre aims to emulate the French Creation centre models in temporary spaces in the South East and to test these working methods in the UK environment.

The UK Virtual Creation Centre aims to facilitate the development of the UK streets arts sector, through professional development activites and creative exchanges with French professionals and local communities in areas such as:

  • Commissioning and developing new work
  • Creating dynamics between artists and local communites
  • International collaborations
  • Sector development activities such as:
    • Exchanges with French artists and professionals
    • 'Artist Laboratories' for brainstorming, R&D and testing ideas
    • Training courses
    • Workshops with both professionals and amateurs
    • Opportunities for the sharing of information and resources
    • Advice sessions
    • Mentoring programmes
    • Work experience opportunities
    • Presentation of work in progress
    • Conferences and professional meetings such as the National Street Arts Meeting (the annual UK streets arts industry conference) and the Hastings Creation Centre Conference initiating practical debates in moving towards the eventual establishment of a permanent Creation Centre in the South East